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Our Mission

The purpose of The GCS Project is to provide help and hope for women with gynecological carcinosarcoma by providing educational information to patients, families and clinicians, offering patient advocacy, and supporting innovative research by fostering collaborations among scientists, clinicians and families.

Our Goals Are To:

  • Become instrumental in funding scientific research to find the cure for GCS.
  • Act as a vocal advocate for focused research and information-sharing in the medical community.
  • Serve as a trusted source for the most up-to-date information on the science and current research underway to find a cure for GCS.
  • Be a clearinghouse for relevant clinical trials.
  • Provide practical information to patients for post-diagnosis action when they need it most.
  • Be a place for the GCS community to come together and provide support and hope.
  • Foster the establishment of Centers of Excellence across the country so every woman diagnosed with CGS has access to clinical expertise as close to where she lives as possible.

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