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Questions for Your Medical Team

Below are some basic questions that you can print and take to your physician’s appointment.


To reach a printable format:     CLICK HERE

Information for the Newly Diagnosed

Website with information: www.gcsproject.org




  1. Have you treated this diagnosis at this facility?
  2. If it’s not common is the treatment common?
  3. What chemo drugs will be used?
  4. Would you be willing to talk with Dr. Michael Birrer – a specialist in this cancer?



  1. How will the chemo be given? Are there options?
  2. Are there treatment options? Do you recommend acupuncture, nutritionists, blood work associated with my body make up to help me combat side effects from chemo?
  3. Would you write a letter of recommendation for use of medical marijuana (if your state allows this option)?
  4. What other risks are associated with treatment?
  5. Are there research studies/clinical trials that we should know about?
  6. How will we know if the chemo is working?
  7. What type of tests will be required and at what timing? (blood work, PET Scan, etc) How frequent?
  8. Are there any resources, booklets etc that you recommend? Any websites that you think would be helpful?
  9. Can we move ahead with genetic testing?


Side Effects

  1. What possible side effects should I prepare for?
  2. When might this start?
  3. Will they get better or worse as my treatment goes along?
  4. How can I prepare for them or lessen their impact?
  5. Are there treatments that can help relieve the side effects? What are they? Do you usually recommend or prescribe them?
  6. Which risks are most serious?
  7. Will I require blood transfusions? Why?
  8. How can I best monitor myself for complications related to either my disease or my treatment?



  1. Will my type of chemo put me at risk for a low white blood cell count and infection?
  2. Can I help protect myself against infection right from the start of chemo instead of waiting until problems develop?
  3. Am I at special risk for infection?
  4. What are the signs of infection from the chemo?
  5. How long will I be at risk for infection?
  6. What should I do if I have a fever?


Daily Activities

  1. How will my cancer treatment affect my usual activities?
  2. Will I be able to work?
  3. Will I need to stay in the hospital?
  4. Will I need someone to help me at home?
  5. Are there any activities I should avoid during my chemotherapy?


After Treatment

  1. What happens after I complete my treatment?
  2. How can I best continue to monitor myself for complications related to either my disease or my treatment?
  3. What kind of lab tests will I need and how often?
  4. What types of x-rays and scans will I need?
  5. How often do I need to come in for checkups?



  1. Does my insurance cover the cost of treatments?
  2. When will you let me know the cost and any payments that we may owe?
  3. Does your office do the pre-authorization for treatment or do I need to call before treatments begin?