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Knowledge truly is power – and part of our mission is to provide the correct information about gynecologic carcinosarcoma (GCS), also known as malignant mixed Müllerian tumor (MMMT).


Visit our “WHAT IS GCS / MMMT?” page to read more details about this type of cancer and it’s treatment options. Click Here


Message from Diane: A Few Other Thoughts to Note

  • You must find a GYN Oncologist who has significant experience with GCS.
  • As complex as the science is, you must be able to work with your treatment team and understand all your options.
  • Obtain copies of your medical records — everything! — pathology reports, scans, etc., and seek help to interpret the test results.
  • Seek a second or third opinion. Find a team in which you have confidence.
  • Know what your insurance covers.