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Finding Hope in 2021

Featured in Peoria Magazine. Hope. Our sister never—not for one minute—lost hope. March 15, 2021 marked the third anniversary we remembered our sister, Diane Redington, who lost her courageous three-year battle to gynecologic carcinosarcoma (GCS/MMMT).

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Study of Rebastinib + Paclitaxel Combination

A Phase 1b/2, Open Label Study of Rebastinib + Paclitaxel Combination for Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors NCT03601897 is a 2-part open label, Phase 1b/2, multicenter study of Rebastinib (DCC-2036), a novel tyrosine switch control inhibitor, orally administered in combination with Paclitaxel. Part 1 evaluated two doses of rebastinib at 50 and 100 […]

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Study for Recurrent Gynecological Carcinosarcoma

Dr. Arend, an assistant professor and senior scientist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has received funding from 2 drug companies – Bristol Myers Squib and Exelixis to perform an investigator initiated trial for patients with carcinosarcoma: “A phase II single arm study of cabozantinib plus nivolumab and ipilimumab in women with recurrent gynecological […]

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A Daughter Shares Hope

Our beautiful, amazing, fearlessly strong mother, Terry, was diagnosed with ovarian carcinosarcoma on July 18, 2018, at the age of 59. It was a shock to everyone, including her healthcare team.   The first, or really, the most apparent symptom was a persistent pelvic pressure. A pelvic ultrasound revealed several masses on both ovaries and […]

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Are You a Candidate for Cold Caps?

Hair loss is one of the most challenging side effects of chemotherapy for many patients. Some are opting for the use of cold caps or scalp cooling systems to reduce hair loss.These systems work by narrowing the blood vessels beneath the scalp, reducing the amount of chemotherapy medicine that reaches the hair follicles.   “Cold caps […]

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Seeking the ‘Holy Grail’ of Curing Cancer

Posted with permission from Healthy Cells Magazine Greater Peoria Metro Area, Illinois, 2017 What goal do two special daughters of Illinois have in common? They desire to find a cure for cancer in their lifetimes. When Peoria native Nancy Goodman Brinker promised her dying sister, Suzy Komen, that she would do her best to eradicate […]

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The GCS Project’s First Fundraiser: 2017

Many hands and voices helped pay tribute to the late country singer/songwriter Holly Dunn as more than $40,000.00 was raised at a music and memory-filled event held at BMI Nashville on March 30 to support The GCS Project’s gynecologic carcinosarcoma research at Massachusetts General Hospital. When award-winning Dunn was diagnosed with ovarian carcinosarcoma in March […]

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Newly Diagnosed? What to do

SIX STEPS TO TAKE WHEN YOU ARE DIAGNOSED WITH MMMT OR CARCINOSARCOMA By Diane Redington   You have just received a traumatic diagnosis of one of the rare gynecological carcinosarcomas. It could be ovarian, uterine or more rare—tubal or vaginal. Internet research indicates, “MMMT is a very rare and aggressive cancer with a poor prognosis.” […]

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Questions for Your Medical Team

Below are some basic questions that you can print and take to your physician’s appointment.   To reach a printable format:     CLICK HERE Information for the Newly Diagnosed Website with information: www.gcsproject.org     Carcinosarcoma Have you treated this diagnosis at this facility? If it’s not common is the treatment common? What chemo drugs […]

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Sample letter for your Physician

Please use this sample letter to take to your physician about the latest information and resources that The GCS Project provides while deciding on your treatment.   Patients or family members wishing to contact Dr. Birrer for an appointment: Please see the contact information on our GCS Specialists by Location page to ensure reaching his […]

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