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Interview with Dr. Marcela del Carmen on Diagnosis and Treatment of MMMT

An interview with Dr. Marcela del Carmen, leading GYN Oncologist, on the topic of GYN carcinosarcoma (also known MMMT) discussing diagnosis and treatment.

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The Role of Immunotherapy in Carcinosarcoma

An interview with Dr. Birrer, leading researcher, on emerging immunotherapies with Gynecologic Carcinosarcoma cancer (MMMT).

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Early Discoveries and Initial Research Results of the GCS Project

An interview with Dr. Birrer and Diane Redington about the initial results of research being done on Gynecologic Carcinosarcoma at Mass General Hospital.

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The Battle Against Carcinosarcoma 

An interview with Sam Stern – fighter, thinker, and survivor Sam Stern has done many things. She was an accomplished criminal prosecutor, was and continues to be a practicing Buddhist and Vipassana meditation teacher, she’s the mother to two beautiful children, aged 16 and 20, and she was a mindfulness and pain management teacher to […]

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Connect with a GCS Expert for a Second Opinion

Consult Dr. Michael Birrer About GCS/MMMT Have you been diagnosed with gynecologic carcinosarcoma (MMMT) and want to seek expert medical advice? The GCS Project has partnered with InfiniteMD to provide patients with the ability to receive an Expert Second Opinion via video consultation with The GCS Project’s expert consultant, Dr. Michael Birrer, Director of the […]

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