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Research and Clinical Trials with Dr. Whitfield Growden (Part 3) [VIDEO]

Patient/advocate Diane Redington and Dr. Whitfield Growden discuss current scientific findings and clinical trials in ovarian and uterine carcinosarcoma. This is part three of a nine-part series. Dr. Growden discusses how they have examined tumors (from Mass General’s tumor bank) of the ovary, uterus, fallopian tubes, and vagina. They found approximately 150 different mutations and […]

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How to Find a Clinical Trial with Dr. Whitfield Growden (Part 6) [VIDEO]

Patient/Advocate Diane Redington and Dr. Whitfield Growden discuss availability, eligibility and decisions regarding clinical trials and the differences in treatment options. This is part six of a nine-part series. Dr. Growden explains that carcinosarcomas are generally excluded from clinical trials, although uterine carcinosarcoma has been allowed in some trials. Soon, they are going to be […]

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Advocacy with GYN Carcinosarcoma (MMMT) with Dr. Marcela del Carmen (Part 8) [VIDEO]

Patient/advocate Diane Redington and Dr. Marcela del Carmen discuss the importance of clinical trials and the extreme lack of funding for gynecological cancer research. This is part eight of a nine-part series. Dr. Marcela del Carmen explains that the field is on the forefront of major discoveries in understanding the biology of this carcinosarcoma; however, […]

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Clinical Trials

 We see some clinical trials in the future: The major research being performed at the Broad Institute (Broad Institute Link – Click Here) in Boston is scheduled to be completed in the next 8-12 weeks. Once the data is collected, data analysis will take another 4-6 weeks. The analysis of the data will yield potential targets for […]

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Early Discoveries and Initial Research Results of the GCS Project

An interview with Dr. Birrer and Diane Redington about the initial results of research being done on Gynecologic Carcinosarcoma at Mass General Hospital.

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The Role of Immunotherapy in Carcinosarcoma

An interview with Dr. Birrer, leading researcher, on emerging immunotherapies with Gynecologic Carcinosarcoma cancer (MMMT).

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Research Findings in Carcinosarcoma: Interview with Dr. Whitfield Growden

The following transcript is from an interview between Dr. Whitfield Growdon (MDC), a leading GYN Oncological Surgeon from Mass General Cancer Center in Boston and Diane Redington (DR), a woman with a Gynecological Carcinosarcoma (GCS) who is seeking to motivate researchers to advance the science and uncover knowledge about carcinosarcoma and find a cure for this cancer. This interview discusses diagnosis and treatment of MMMT.

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Additional Research Findings on Carcinosarcoma: A Second Interview with Dr. Whitfield Growden

The second of two interviews conducted on January 5, 2017, with Diane Redington and Dr. Growdon on the topic of carcinosarcoma. This interview discusses: genomic analysis of carcinosarcoma, patterns of resistance, immunotherapy and clinical trials.

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