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Genome Analysis and Immunotherapy with Dr. Whitfield Growden (Part 5) [VIDEO]

Patient/Advocate Diane Redington and Dr. Whitfield Growden discuss genomic analysis, patterns of resistance, and immunotherapy. This is part five of a nine-part series. Dr. Growden discusses tumor specimens used for genomic analysis and the impact of tumor changes. Recognizing patterns of resistance is very important for treatment. Also discussed is a type of immunotherapy called […]

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The Battle Against Carcinosarcoma 

An interview with Sam Stern – fighter, thinker, and survivor Sam Stern has done many things. She was an accomplished criminal prosecutor, was and continues to be a practicing Buddhist and Vipassana meditation teacher, she’s the mother to two beautiful children, aged 16 and 20, and she was a mindfulness and pain management teacher to […]

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The Role of Immunotherapy in Carcinosarcoma

An interview with Dr. Birrer, leading researcher, on emerging immunotherapies with Gynecologic Carcinosarcoma cancer (MMMT).

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Additional Research Findings on Carcinosarcoma: A Second Interview with Dr. Whitfield Growden

The second of two interviews conducted on January 5, 2017, with Diane Redington and Dr. Growdon on the topic of carcinosarcoma. This interview discusses: genomic analysis of carcinosarcoma, patterns of resistance, immunotherapy and clinical trials.

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