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My Mom: Uterine CS,...
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My Mom: Uterine CS, InfiniteMD, Dr. Birrer

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Hi All,

I hope this message finds you in good health and good spirits. I wanted to share my mom's experience in case it helps someone in the future. In 2020 she was diagnosed with uterine CS following a hysterectomy for what was assumed to be a more common cancer. We are tremendously grateful that she was stage IA but were left with so many questions and so much fear due to the lack of accurate information on the internet.

Her oncologist is wonderful but not an expert in CS. He took the time to research and eventually came to the "correct" treatment decisions. I state "correct" because during her oncologist appointments I reached out to InfiniteMD to schedule a second opinion consultation with Dr. Birrer. InfiniteMD and our patient advocate, Allison, were tremendous in walking us through the second opinion process, handled all of the hard work of compiling patient history, and quickly scheduled time for me to consult with Dr. Birrer.

The consultation was exactly what we needed. Dr. Birrer is kind, honest, and most importantly an expert in CS. He answered all of our questions, addressed all of our concerns, and left me with a feeling of certainty. Not certainty that my mom would be OK; after all this is cancer and an aggressive one at that. But certainty that she was receiving the proper treatment and giving her the best chance at a healthy future.

My mom's prognosis is thankfully very good and we consider ourselves blessed and lucky for that. If it is feasible for you to do the same, I highly recommend getting a second opinion with Dr. Birrer through InfiniteMD. The information on the internet regarding CS is not only grim but often inaccurate due to the rarity of the disease. Getting information directly from an expert lets you proceed while keeping your sanity. Googling just doesn't suffice when it comes to CS.

I wish you all a happy and healthy future.


A Concerned Son

Posted : 13/11/2020 6:19 am

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