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Hi all. I wanted to share with you that after first being treated with Paclitaxel and Carboplatin for 6 rounds, and being NED for 6 months, that I recurred, and am now Metastatic. This time they are treating me with Ifosfamide and Paclitaxel for 6 rounds. I'm currently half way through the chemo, and got my Foundation One report which shows 5 genomic alterations, but only 1 that has a FDA Approved therapy, and that one was not approved for my type cancer, but another tumor type. That was for the KRAS G12D genomic finding, and the treatments listed are Cobimetinab and Trametinab, primarily used for Melanoma treatment. I have no idea if these would really be an option for me, or whether my insurance would cover them. I will try to keep you updated.

Posted : 23/06/2018 1:00 pm
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Thanks for the update Brenda. My tumor has also been sent to Mass. Medical for the same type testing. It will be about 5 weeks before I know if there are weakness in the cancer cell that would make me a candidate for immune therapy. They have suggested I start Carbo/Taxel again as it was tolerated well for my first 6 cycles that ended in February. CA125 was 6 in March and as of this last week it was 184!
Hope you have success with your treatment.

Posted : 24/06/2018 10:15 am
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Thanks, Brenda, for sharing this. I am in the exact same position. Had biopsy this week which was sent off for genomic testing. Don't know how long before I receive results, but will share when I do. At this time I am not under any treatment...just waiting.

Posted : 25/06/2018 4:06 am
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sounds great that you might have some options. My foundation studies don't have anything that jumps out and I wonder who you sent your studies to.
i have mets to the lungs and wait to see if anything may work. (am on ifos). What a fight we have!!!!


Posted : 25/06/2018 4:30 am
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Damit... I just reread your note and see that this option may not be available for you... I hope it is!!!!!

Posted : 25/06/2018 4:35 am
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Thank you both for sharing your experiences. I am going next week for my 9-month checkup. So thankful for reading about everyone's experiences. Keep us posted on how you are doing and how the treatments are working!

Posted : 25/06/2018 4:39 am

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