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I want to set up a fundraising race in Ohio for November

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I'd like to set up a 5k race/fun run here in Ohio to raise funds for the Project. My boss is quite the runner and cross-country coach so he knows everyone in the Dayton, Ohio area who is into running and he knows several POC who have done this sort of thing. What permissions/support/rules of engagement would you set on this? I would do it in honor of my late wife, Benita Cannane, who passed on 11/2/18 and I would conduct it on November 2nd. I'd call it the Mammy 5k (that was her grandmother name). Anyway, it's later in the season so there's less competition for runners and doesn't interfere with the Thanksgiving Day runs either. I'd want to have it a race/fun run with the usual t-shirts, medals, etc so that we could raise awareness as well as money. Obviously, all proceeds would go to the Project with the goal of making a dent in the $250k needed for the clinical trial.

Posted : 06/05/2019 2:55 pm
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Thank you very much for your interest in having a fun run to benefit GCSproject fundraising for research.
You are free to use the GCSproject name for your event.
And when you have event details we'd be pleased to announce your event on the GCSproject website and FB page.
I am no IT expert but I think if need be on your part we could have a special dedicated donate button for your event on the website that would automatically direct and record any online credit card donations to our bank account.
OR if it is simpler for you to simply manage your run registrations and to collect check donations and participant fees and then forward those checks to me and I'll deposit in the GCSproject bank account. Whatever is easiest for you to manage. Checks would be made out to GCSproject with a note relating those donations to the Dayton fun run. IF you incur any expenses organizing the event (e.g. T-shirts) the GCSproject can reimburse you for those expenses.
please communicate with me via email or phone.
Roy Buchta Treasurer
412 225-8582

Posted : 07/05/2019 9:22 am

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