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Interviews with Specialists in Carcinosarcoma

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Just a reminder that we have a series of 9 videos in which physicians who are experts in carcinosarcoma discuss important aspects of the disease and its management—understanding the current research, diagnosis, treatment and more. We are so grateful to these specialists for their vital contributions to the project.

We have recently updated the formatting for the video transcripts so that you can easily download the content to read separately or use as you’re listening.
You can find the video interviews under Resources →GCS Research Progress and Specialists Interviews Click here

You can learn more about the specialists who contribute to the GCS Project under GCS Research →Research Partners and Specialists Click here

The topics include:

• Video 1 – Dr. Michael Birrer discusses research results to date, Part 1
• Video 2 – Dr. Michael Birrer discusses research results to date Part 2
• Video 3 – Dr. Whit Growden on current scientific findings and clinical trials
• Video 4 – Dr. Whit Growden on diagnosis and management of uterine and ovarian carcinosarcoma
• Video 5 – Dr. Whit Growden on genome analysis of the tumors and immunotherapy
• Video 6 – Dr. Whit Growden on clinical trials
• Video 7– Dr. Marcela del Carmen on diagnosis and treatment of carcinosarcoma
• Video 8– Dr. Marcela del Carmen on advocating for research and clinical trials
• Video 9 – Dr. Marcela del Carmen on the importance of second opinions

We will be adding 2 more interviews in the near future.
Kathy Wilt, Secretary, Board of Directors

Posted : 21/02/2018 9:23 am

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