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severe knee pain

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My mom had her first Cisplatin and Taxol on Friday, today the knee is terrible. She has her last dose of decadron for this round today, so we are worried her joint pain may get worse. Looking for any recommendations to give her some relief.
Has anyone noticed worse pain in joints that have been replaced?? She has had both knees replaced less than 2 years ago. Does anyone take tumeric?
Thank you for reading providing any helpful advice

Posted : 11/09/2018 7:00 am
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I hope your Mom's knee pain has resolved. I have no experience with cisplatin so did not reply at the time. I have had 4 other chemos... not funny but LOL.
But I did want to say that tumeric has been helpful for several people I know with inflammation and pain. I take it for the possible anti cancer properties.
And certainly drinking PLENTY of fluids, heat, cold,"bengay" to the area can be helpful. And the wonderful ibuprofen.
Does she have bone pain with the neulasta? I think it's well known but does she take clariton for about 5 days around the chemotherapy as it does help with the neulasta bone pain and stiffness.
Am sending good wishes to you and your Mom.
Linda Denne

Posted : 30/10/2018 5:55 am

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