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Switzerland, Carcinosarcoma Uterus, 2 positiv lymph nodes

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My mother is 76 years old, but she looks much younger and she has more energy then me. I don’t know a person which is more active then my mother. To tell it short: she is a wonderful woman. At the end of February 2019 she had like menstrual bleeding. Already from the sonography here doctor sad that she has a malignant tumor of the uterus. The test confirmed it: Carcinosarcoma. I’m a nurse and I knew straight away wat it means. I cried for three days, I thought she has already metastases every were. The CT didn’t show any, so I had again more hope. Since I read that total hysterectomy with remuval of more lymph nodes us possible is the most important part of the treatment, I tried to find information who is the more experienced surgeon in Switzerland to operate here. It was very difficult to find out this information. Through suggestion of some friends which are doctors and the help of God, my mum was operated from Dr. Dimitri Sarlos at the Kantonsspital Aarau. He did an excellent job. The tumor was very big, but did not went out of the border of the uterus, it was 80% a undifferentiated Sarcoma and 20% Carcinoma, unfortunately 2 lymph nodes (Paraaortic) from 60 removed lymph nodes had already carcinosarcoma. The surgeon suggested not to make any further treatments, because the chance that it will make a difference is very small. I wanted to have a talk with the oncologist, because if there is still a small chance for healing or at list to dilate the spread, it is worthy try. If my mother should have side effects, she can stop it. The oncologist confirmed our thoughts and suggested chemotherapy with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel. At the middle of March 2019 she started with the Chemotherapy (first week Carboplatin with Paclitaxel, second and third week just Paclitaxel, fourth week nothing, this for 4 to 6 times). Because she is a painter and she was very worry to have neurotoxicity they started with 80% of the dose and divided the dose of Paclitaxel. Until now, beside of tiredness, she has no side effects. The doctors still don’t know if it would be a good decision to add radiotherapy. I think for the Carcinoma would be good, but for the Sarcoma it would not make a difference. How I could find out, the recurrence of Sarcoma is more common in lungs and liver.
My feelings are swamping from hope that she can live some more years without recurrents, to not understanding why she has this illness and sadness for loosing here soon. I can’t imagine and except to lose my mother in the next time. I have two small children; I want that they can know their grandmother and I need here presence. It is not easy to live with this uncertainty. I’m continuing to search if there are some more therapies to offer. Does someone have experience with phytotherapy? Or can tell me his experience after removing all the tumor? How long was the time without recurrents? I’m so grateful to have find this website, I don’t feel alone to cope with this illness. Thank you!

Posted : 12/05/2019 10:59 am
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I am sorry to hear of your mother. This cancer is so heart-wrenching, especially because it moves so fast!

I had uterine cancer that was contained. It was not present in my lymph nodes, either. I chose not to do radiation because the things I read said it did not really make a difference. I was assigned a 1A cancer level. I am currently 16-months cancer free. I am thankful for this gift!

I have learned to live life better! I am hopeful that as we share about this cancer and our experiences the cancer will also be conquered more as with breast cancer.


Posted : 15/05/2019 4:00 am
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Today we received the result of the CT (first after 3 months after oeration) of my mum. Fortunately it show any tumor, of course I'm very released, but I'm also conscious that it is only a picture of the moment. Because my mum had two positive paraaortic lymph nodes, they suggested to stop Carboplatin/Taxol after 4 cycles and to start radiotherapy and Cisplatin. I hope it is the write decision. The 4 cycles of Carboplatin/Taxol she tolerated well, only on the last cycles she started to have neuropathy. I gave her strait Melatonin 2mg and the toxicity did not get worse.

Posted : 17/07/2019 10:34 am
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After chemotherapy, my mother had a PET scan in which no tumor was visible. So she afterward adjuvant 25 radiation of the bowl and 3 brachyterapy. All went quite well. At the end of January 11 months after diagnosis she will have again a PET scan. She recovered good, she also started again to paint (she is an artist). My mom is a very strong person with a strong believe in God. I thank God for every day that she can stay with us.

Posted : 04/12/2019 11:24 am
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Hi Margret,

Thank you for sharing this update about your mother. It's heartening to hear that she is doing well, had a good report from the PET scan and is tolerating the therapies. It's especially good to hear that she is able to continue her work as an artist. It was so good that you pursued finding an oncologist after her surgery. Receiving chemotherapy after surgery is the standard here.

Your posts give encouragement to others.

My best to you, your mother and family.

Kathy Wilt
The GCS Project

Posted : 08/12/2019 11:05 am

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